Customisable Timesheet Templates

With KeyPay you can easily create, edit and review timesheets online from any device. You can also add notes, breaks, and easily duplicate timesheets across multiple days. These timesheets are available for managers to review from the employee portal.

Customisable - Timesheet
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Set up Standard Work Hours

You can now set up standard work hours for staff who don’t have the same hours every day of the week. Just enter exactly when an employee usually works, and we can use that information to give you more accurate leave request estimations, make it easier for timesheet entries, and provide better visibility into employee earnings in each pay run.

Manage leave requests

Enabling managers or team leaders to manage leave requests and timesheets helps give time back to payroll managers, so you can focus on what matters most. Here’s how it works: In KeyPay, employees create or amend timesheets for each shift worked. Those timesheets are submitted to the employee’s manager for approval before being imported directly into the pay run. It’s that simple.

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Employee self service - KeyPay

Employee Self Service

Employee self-service enables staff to submit their own timesheets online from any device, eliminating paper timesheets, manual time entry in Excel and chasing down timesheets. Managers can access live view reporting of all locations and clocked in staff, plus employees can clock in and out from their phone.

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KPA Concrete Construction

KPA Concrete Construction

“Employee self-service has turned our fortnightly pay run into a 30 minute process instead of 2 full days we’d spend chasing up timesheets and adjusting bank account details”

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