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Become a KeyPay Integration partner servicing UK clients

Integration partner

KeyPay’s integration partner program is suited for businesses looking to add a payroll and workforce management platform alongside their existing platform to provide an end-to-end payroll solution for their clients.

Become an integration partner
Become a KeyPay Payroll partner servicing UK clients

Payroll partner

KeyPay’s payroll partner program is for outsourced payroll service providers who desire accuracy and automation in payroll compliance, increasing client reach and helping to drive new business.

Become a payroll partner

Enhance client value: KeyPay’s partner dashboard

Partners have exclusive access to KeyPay’s partner dashboard, which assists outsourced payroll providers and integration partners in providing a better service to their clients, extract insights into client activity, and generate new business.

Partner dashboard features

The audit trail in KeyPay’s partner dashboard gives you an overview of changes made and by whom | KeyPay Cloud Payroll UK

Audit trail

Save the confusion over unexpected system events. Have complete transparency over changes to settings, user activity, and system-generated emails with the audit trail feature.

KeyPay’s partner dashboard allows you to restore deleted information | KeyPay Cloud Payroll UK

Restore deleted settings

We know it’s a pain when you delete something in error, which could cause system issues. Easily problem solve and efficiently restore deleted information such as leave categories, roster templates and more.

Understand your client’s usage with KeyPay’s partner dashboard | KeyPay Cloud Payroll UK

Monitor feature usage

We provide the data to better understand your clients’ feature usage, allowing you to further educate customers, or create tailored marketing opportunities for feature uptake.

Manage users with ease using KeyPay’s partner dashboard | KeyPay Cloud Payroll UK

Manage users

Easily view and manage user permissions at a partner and business level, with complete autonomy.

Review data submitted to the HMRC from KeyPay’s partner dashboard | KeyPay Cloud Payroll UK

RTI Submissions
lodgement messages

Easily review the raw data submitted to the HMRC from the partner dashboard.

KeyPay’s partner dashboard provides you with access to a summary of your client’s business information | KeyPay Cloud Payroll UK

Business settings

Have an overview of your customers’ information, such as contact details, billing plans, billing commencement dates and payment options. You can also change billing plans from the dashboard.

Partner support

At KeyPay we’re known for supporting our partners during and post-implementation. To ensure you can deliver the best experience to your clients we help you:
Get set up with all the information you need to make implementation and integration easy.
Offer platform training during and post-implementation alongside support articles.
Ongoing partner support helping you with any high-level post-implementation queries or concerns you may have.

Hear what our customers have to say

“Payroll without KeyPay would be very manual and painful - it’s a massive change of workflow for us. We’re removing paper processes and human error from the situation completely.”

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The Focus Collection
The Focus Collection

"KeyPay reduces our workload, improves payroll processes, positively impacts our bottom line, and makes it easier for my staff to process the pay run."

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Payroll HQ
Payroll HQ