Cloud payroll software for bookkeepers

Frustrated by all of the late nights and missed lunch breaks? Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your payroll software and automate those manual, administrative processes. KeyPay is making payroll for bookkeepers simpler, faster and smarter - so you can focus on more important things; like growing your business! Or after work beers...

KeyPay for accountants
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Automated pay runs

How much time do you spend on salaried or director payrolls? They’re simple, they are the same each month; but they still take up time and eat into your daily tasks.  

We've created a way to automate all of those mundane payroll tasks, and let pay runs process in the background. Automated pay runs!

With a one-off set-up, payroll tasks will start and run automatically. But don’t worry, if something happens that needs your attention, the process will automatically pause and let you know. Free up time for more strategic tasks while maintaining control and payroll accuracy. Run payroll by exception, not by tedium.

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Pensions, journal postings, timesheets and RTI-reporting

All of these can be automated within KeyPay. Get your clients to use KeyPay’s timesheet and/or expense functionality and the data is available for payroll processing within a second of approval.

At the end of each pay run you can distribute payslips, AE notifications, pension uploads and FPS submissions, and post your payslip and expense journals to the cloud without any additional button clicks.

Employee self service 

How much time do you spend responding to employee requests? With KeyPay’s employee portal and mobile app, payslips, P60s and employer documents are available at employees' fingertips. Employees can take the strain and enter their timesheet, expenses and leave online themselves, so you don’t need to. It’s secure and GDPR compliant, and you’ll have so much more time for more important tasks.

KeyPay's employee self-service tools on desktop and mobile app WorkZone
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Cloud payroll software that scales with your business

KeyPay is truly cloud - meaning it has the flexibility to scale with your growing business. Have as many clients as you like on the system, allowing them access to their payroll data via a secure portal, with complete payroll visibility and trust. Reduce the admin and increase your client base.

Branded payroll

Enhance your service offering by using your own branding on our software, employer and employee portals. Give your clients and their employees access to a branded platform, improving visibility of payroll data and enhancing brand loyalty. Provide value to clients above and beyond payroll and grow your bookkeeping practice.
Value-add: KeyPay’s automation and intuitive design makes payroll an easy value-add feature to your existing service offering.
Support: KeyPay offers bureau premium support, ensuring you can answer your clients questions quickly and accurately.
Branding: your own brand, supported by the best in class payroll
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