KeyPay integrates with UK pension schemes via Pensionsync, removing the hassle of duplicating efforts. Whether you’re setting up a new pension scheme or connecting to an existing pension, it’s easy to get started.

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Each time a new employee joins, KeyPay assesses their eligibility for auto-enrolment and when eligible, auto-enrols the employee in your selected pension scheme. Auto-assessment is done in real time, in the pay run, meaning you'll know exact figures as you're processing the pay - not after the fact.

Employees can also opt in/out of the pension scheme, with KeyPay automatically capturing and storing the information in the dashboard. We'll always re-assess employees every pay run, for ensured compliance.

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HMRC & Real Time Information (RTI)

HMRC real time information (RTI) reporting couldn’t be easier. KeyPay will automatically submit all required RTI reporting directly with HMRC.  Submit your National Insurance data and PAYE to HMRC in just a click.

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Be sure you’re compliant with GDPR and avoid the 4% annual revenue or €20m fine. With KeyPay, your GDPR compliance is assured.

Read our blog on the impact of GDPR on UK payroll businesses, and how KeyPay is GDPR compliant.

Employee notifications

Never worry about compulsory employee notification compliance again with automated communications. You’ll also be able to track, view and download all communications sent to employees.

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"The ease and the confidence that we have in KeyPay is 100%. It’s intuitive, easy to use, responsive, and has been so reliable."

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