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KeyPay has been built for UK bureau businesses looking to use technology to automate payroll, streamline processes, and provide full visibility of bureau/client payrun status. KeyPay offers bespoke pricing for accounting and payroll bureau businesses, offering unparalleled value for payroll outsourcing specialists. No contracts. Ever.

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Cloud payroll

True cloud payroll means there is no need to print payslips, RTI reports, P45s, P32s, P30s and P60s. With KeyPay, all documentation is readily available to your clients from their mobile phone app or employee self service portal and across the bureau.

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Pensions are a major pain point for payroll managers and bureaux when processing pay runs. KeyPay is the first payroll platform to process pensions in real time, completely eliminating all manual processing, before the pay run has been finalised. KeyPay determines the employee’s eligibility status, automates the calculations and takes care of employee auto-enrolment notifications.

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Pension scheme integration

KeyPay automates the pension reporting process through its integration with PensionSync, eliminating the need to manually export pension information using spreadsheets or CSV reports. Whether bureaux and employers are setting up a new pension scheme or connecting to an existing pension, it’s easy to get started.

PensionSync is available for use with the following pension schemes:

The People's Pension
Legal and General
Standard Life
Smart Pension
KeyPay automates the pension reporting process through its integration with PensionSync.
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All in one system

KeyPay reduces the number of systems your bureau uses across clients, making it up to 10x faster to process pays. KeyPay consolidates everything your bureau needs to streamline payroll management across all your clients:

Time and attendance
Rota management
Document management
Employee self service & mobile app

Branded payroll

KeyPay offers a branded payroll service, taking care of all the intricacies of payroll compliance so you can get on with growing the bureau.
Value-add: if your accounting practice doesn’t currently offer payroll functionality, KeyPay’s automation and intuitive design makes payroll an easy value-add feature to your existing service offering.
Support: KeyPay offers bureaux premium support, ensuring you can answer your clients questions quickly and accurately.
Branding: your own brand, supported by the best in class payroll
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