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KPA Concrete Construction

"KeyPay has revolutionised our payroll processing"

KPA Concrete Construction

With over 28 years experience, KPA Concrete Construction Group has quickly become recognised as a major contractor within the concrete placement sector.

Sydney, Australia

How has using KeyPay changed the way you process payroll / manage your employees from a payroll perspective?

"KeyPay has revolutionised our payroll processing. The ability for staff to complete timesheets which integrate directly with the pay run is a fantastic feature." said Cynthia H, Finance Operations Manager.

How does KeyPay enable you to process your payroll more efficiently?

KeyPay saves hours of data entry for our staff. Previously, we used timesheets in the field, which were then keyed into our accounting software. There was so much room for error and we spent hours just reviewing the data entry. Now, it’s all in one place. The timesheets are entered directly by our foreman and approved by their manager. Also, no more leave request forms! Our staff now request leave via the Employee Portal.

What specific feature do you like most about KeyPay and why?

Rule sets are amazing! The Construction Award is tricky. Each hour an employee works is tied to a job and a site allowance. Each day worked corresponds with a travel allowance. Additionally, if a job is outside the geographic area specified in the award, we must make additional payments for travel. It can also be challenging to calculate superannuation and overtime. Before KeyPay, we manually entered all of this data and relied on the accuracy of our staff. After implementing KeyPay’s rule sets, we need only to record base pay. KeyPay calculates the travel allowance, site allowance, km reimbursements, superannuation and overtime. Our time is now spent reviewing the accuracy of the timesheets entered and communicating with our staff.

What would be three other benefits about using KeyPay?

  1. Integration with Xero
  2. The Employee Portal
  3. Rule Sets

Would you recommend using KeyPay and why?

Yes, I can absolutely recommend KeyPay to others. Once set up, KeyPay will shorten data entry time, eliminate manual processing time and allow employees to manage their timesheets/leave.

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