Cloud payroll software for accountants

KeyPay cloud payroll is designed to improve efficiencies, drive profit and free up time to spend with your existing clients - or even finding new ones.  Our true cloud platform is the easy, all-in-one solution you need to streamline your practice’s payroll processes and integrate with your cloud accounting software.

KeyPay for accountants

Automate compliance

KeyPay is built with compliance at its core for simple, no-stress payroll:

Automated HMRC tax code and Student Loan updates every time you prepare a payrun; no buttons to press, no manual efforts.
Automatically process pensions in real time, before the pay run has been finalised.
Automated RTI reporting - send your FPS submissions automatically to HMRC at the end of each pay period and set up an automated EPS filing each month.
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Truly cloud

More than just a payroll system, KeyPay is the only true cloud payroll platform in the UK that incorporates timesheets and rota management in one system. Ensure data is always correct with real time tax and compliance updates, and employee data management. With no cap on employees, embrace cloud software that scales with your growing accounting firm.

Accounting platform integration

KeyPay’s integration with QuickBooks Online, Xero and NetSuite further streamlines your client payroll and expenses processes. By automating journal entries, KeyPay allows manual administration tasks to be completely eliminated. Removing the need for CSV or excel uploads and eliminating manual data entry means that you have more time to spend with your clients, on business strategy and/or compliance.

KeyPay’s integration with QuickBooks Online, Xero and NetSuite streamlines your client payroll and expenses processes.
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How much time do you spend manually interpreting and inputting timesheet data? Eliminate paper timesheets and manual excel imports with our employee self service app WorkZone, and employee portal. Employees can enter timesheet data for managers to approve, while you focus on the pay run.

Automated pay runs

KeyPay’s unique pay run automation removes all the mundane parts of payroll processing, freeing up time while keeping you firmly in charge. Configure pay runs to run in the background from start to finish and choose warnings that will stop the automation - on your terms - to maintain control and quality assurance. Set up and forget, run payrolls by exception and create time to grow your client base.

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Branded payroll

Enhance your service offering by using your own branding on our software, employer and employee portals. Give your clients and their employees access to a branded platform, improving visibility of payroll data and enhancing brand loyalty. Provide value to clients above and beyond payroll whether that is leave, qualification or expense management - or even onsite clocking in/out.
Value-add: if your accounting practice doesn’t currently offer payroll functionality, KeyPay’s automation and intuitive design makes payroll an easy value-add feature to your existing service offering.
Support: KeyPay offers bureaux premium support, ensuring you can answer your clients questions quickly and accurately.
Branding: your own brand, supported by the best in class payroll
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Coates Business Services

Coates Business Services

“We’ve saved so much manpower, time, and staff resources by moving over to KeyPay. A payroll that should have taken 15 minutes which might be a standard payroll could have ended up taking over an hour on previous systems. Now it takes no time.”

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