Recurring employee expenses

Most employee expenses are done through the pay run but sometimes expenses will need to be paid on a recurring basis. With KeyPay you can do both. With recurring expenses, you can choose the amount, location, payment expiration date as well as the amount of earnings allocated.

Recurring expenses
Submit Expenses

Employee Self-Service

Submitting expenses has never been easier with KeyPay employee self-service. Staff simply attach an image of their receipts directly to their expense request and submit claims through our employee portal. And the best part? No setup required from the payroll administrator!

Multiple line items for expense claims

Simplify your expense claim process with multiple line items. Employees simply attach multiple documents to a single expense claim and send it off for approval. When reviewing the expense claim, payroll managers can see the description and total claim amount. You can even review the details of the expense and make any adjustments to it.

multi line keypay
Tax code - KeyPay

Tax codes for expense claims

Automate payroll by assigning tax codes to expense categories. When your employees submit an expense claim you can pre-populate tax codes from your online accounting system as long as it’s attached to KeyPay. Tax codes and rates are populated on the expense claim and submitted with your journal to the accounting system. Once the pay run journal is posted, the tax codes and amounts will be included in your journal automatically.

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Online Disability Platform

Online Disability Platform

“KeyPay is seamless. It works in the background. What was key to us is that our employees didn’t know we were using KeyPay. It’s completely independent and great for us. The KeyPay platform is innovative, and the team are developing it constantly. Our integration was so easy.”

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