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52 week averaging for holiday pay

Holiday pay changes are complex. KeyPay automates 52 week averaging calculations, making it easy for payroll managers to pay staff holiday pay correctly, everytime.

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Referencing the holiday pay guidance, managers who calculate holiday pay for employees with varying hours must work out an average over 52 weeks.

KeyPay offers flexible configuration settings so you can be compliant with holiday pay. KeyPay is also kept up to date, so you can rest assured your holiday pay calculations comply as legislation changes.

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Pay holiday pay correctly, each and every time

How does the KeyPay feature help you?

Employee Details KeyPay


Using KeyPay, you and your clients can set up the pay categories as part of the holiday pay calculation. Create a leave category/template and select the calculation method as a 52 week average. KeyPay will automatically alter calculations depending on a varying working week or month.

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Timesaving templates

When a user pays the worker holiday pay within the pay run, the system will automatically calculate the average amount of holiday pay based on the historic data held. When the pay run has been finalised, a calculations are held against the employee so the user can see how the holiday amount was calculated.

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Haven’t got the full 52 weeks?

If the average hourly rate calculates to be less than the employees' current hourly rate then the system will default the holiday hours to be paid at the current pay rate for the employee. If any data is missing to make 52 weeks, then KeyPay will notify you.

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Automated updates

Ensure your employees are paid at the correct rate according to legislation, and never worry about payroll and holiday pay audit again. KeyPay manages all holiday legislation updates for you, giving you peace of mind.

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Easy payslips

Build and send reports to selected recipients on a recurring basis, based on the schedule set. Notify employees of payslips which include 52-week averaging via email, SMS, or employee self service, removing any need for paper or manual data handling.

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Have peace of mind with notifications

If any data is missing or If there isn’t a full 52 weeks worth of reference weeks, then a notification will be sent to the manager. Warnings will appear in the pay run once leave has been attempted to be paid.

How KeyPay’s 52 week averaging works

Build roster in a flash - Keypay

Step 1

Set up pay categories as part of the holiday calculation

Step 2

In the pay category settings, update the 52 week average field to include and save

52 week avg step 2
Build roster in a flash - Keypay

Step 3

Set up leave category templates and add employees

Step 4

In the leave category settings, select the 52 week average calculation and save

Build roster in a flash - Keypay
Build roster in a flash - Keypay

Step 5

After creating a payrun, the system will automatically process the calculation. View a breakdown of the 52 week average calculation. You can also manually add new rows or edit details such as hourly rate or hours worked.

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From my experience, KeyPay is the best payroll solution on the market. It’s the first time in all my bookkeeping years that I feel confident in the data and reports.

Cathy Sperring - Next Step Bookkeeping
Cathy Sperring

We found KeyPay as the forerunner of digital transformation in payroll. There are no other software programs I've come across that offer the whole service that you get from KeyPay.

Matthew Coates

What KeyPay has given us is a stronger relationship with our clients. KeyPay can assist us in our business growth and success.

Stephen Scullion - Alltech Outsourced Solutions
Stephen Scullion
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