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Empowered employees; no more distractions. With the employee self service portal, payroll managers can access the employee data they need from the cloud, whenever they need it and ensure GDPR compliance. Employees can log in, onboard themselves and update their personal information, saving payroll managers precious time to focus on what’s important - the pay run.

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WorkZone - KeyPay

Over 27% of our day is spent using a mobile phone, so why wouldn’t we use it for our work? With WorkZone, employees can access the employee portal features through their smartphone, catering to those who are constantly on the run or don’t have access to a desktop computer. At no extra cost to the KeyPay subscription, employees can update their information in minutes, while the app sends useful push notifications to keep them informed.

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Employee Self Service Features

Employee Details KeyPay

Employee details

Employees can view, add and update their own details in minutes. Staff don’t have to wait, and no more back and forth for the payroll manager.

Leave Management KeyPay

Leave Management

Employees can submit leave requests directly from their phone and be notified when approved via push notifications. Email requests and communication gaps are a thing of the past.

Expense Management KeyPay

Expense Management

Employees can submit expense reimbursements with attachments ready for manager approval.

Timesheet KeyPay


Employees can create / amend timesheets for each shift and submit for manager approval, to then be automatically available for the pay run.

Unavailability KeyPay


Employees can enter their unavailability in advance through the app; no more rearranging rotas.

Calendar View KeyPay

Calendar View

Employees can view their leave requests and unavailability, and see colleagues’ approved leave.

PaySlips KeyPay


Employees can download their payslips at any time once published. Pay summaries and tax deductions can be monitored, and payslips will never be lost again!

Documents KeyPay

Other documents

Host employee contracts or policies for easy viewing and cutting down requests.

Clock in KeyPay

Clock In/Out

Employees can clock in and out of work, straight from their mobile.

Hear what customers have to say

KPA Concrete Construction

KPA Concrete Construction

“Employee self-service has turned our fortnightly pay run into a 30 minute process instead of 2 full days we’d spend chasing up timesheets and adjusting bank account details”

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