See why businesses choose KeyPay to empower their payroll workforce

Real customer stories

Karli Newell
HR and payroll manager
"KeyPay has saved me 5 hours a week on entering timesheets, paperwork and chasing people up."
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James Cassidy
Finance Lead
“The best system I’ve ever used. You just know that your employees are being paid correctly.”
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Leanne Robertson
Finance Officer
“So much time has been saved and we have much more visibility of our costs. It's really intuitive and makes things a lot easier."
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Jenny Sullivan
Finance Officer
"The ease and the confidence that we have in KeyPay is 100%. It’s intuitive, easy to use, responsive, and has been so reliable."
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Financial Accountant
“KeyPay is seamless. It works in the background. What was key to us is that our employees didn’t know we were using KeyPay. It’s completely independent and great for us. The KeyPay platform is innovative, and the team are developing it constantly. Our integration was so easy.”
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Andre Atton
Founder - Payroll HQ
"KeyPay reduces our workload, improves payroll processes, positively impacts our bottom line, and makes it easier for my staff to process the pay run."
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Cynthia H
Finance Operations Manager
“Employee self-service has turned our fortnightly pay run into a 30 minute process instead of 2 full days we’d spend chasing up timesheets and adjusting bank account details”
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