Working from a fixed location?

Employees can easily clock in/out onsite on KeyPay’s iPad app Clock Me In.

Clock Me In iPad app by KeyPay
ClockMeIn - KeyPay
WorkZone Timesheet - KeyPay

Employees on the run?

Employees can enter their start, finish and break times on KeyPay’s mobile app WorkZone or through the Employee Portal, ready for manager approval. At no extra cost to the KeyPay subscription, the WorkZone app also sends useful push notifications to inform employees when shifts have been published, cancelled or updated, or when a colleague wants to swap a shift with them.

WorkZone logo - KeyPay's employee self-service mobile app on iOS and Android
7.5 million
Timesheets submitted
WorkZone app downloads
3.5 Million
Payslips distributed

Hear what customers have to say

Coates Business Services

Coates Business Services

“We’ve saved so much manpower, time, and staff resources by moving over to KeyPay. A payroll that should have taken 15 minutes which might be a standard payroll could have ended up taking over an hour on previous systems. Now it takes no time.”

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