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KeyPay and Telleroo integration

Integrate KeyPay with Telleroo

Combine KeyPay and Telleroo to automate payroll from end-to-end, from processing and calculations, to HMRC compliance, to instant employee payments. Sync your payroll payments from KeyPay to Telleroo with the click of a button.

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KeyPay and Telleroo Dashboard

What Telleroo users can do with KeyPay

Run payroll with no employee cap that scales as your firm grows
Fully automate your payroll from end-to-end through KeyPay’s extensive range of features
Built-in HMRC reporting
Utilise KeyPay’s paperless onboarding experience to quickly onboard employees
Experience automated and compliant pension management through PensionSync
Automatically calculate termination payments
Easily map your chart of accounts with Xero, including Xero tracking categories
Access KeyPay's extensive library of reports, giving greater payroll insights for you and your clients
Leave and expense management built right in
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Why use KeyPay with Telleroo?

The KeyPay to Telleroo integration allows users to seamlessly send the payment details of a pay run to Telleroo for payments to be made efficiently. No need to leave the payroll system.

Payroll payments without the manual BACs upload

Businesses spend a lot of time setting up payee details and keying in payments. This can leave a lot of room for errors such as incorrect, missed or duplicate payments. The KeyPay to Telleroo integration allows users to send the payment details of a pay run to Telleroo, for efficient, instant payments.

Instantly reconcile and lock down who sees salaries in Xero

Instantly reconcile in Xero. No more waiting days for your bank to update your Xero statement. Employees’ salaries can be hidden in Xero with the benefit of reconciling everything in one click.

Distinct user roles and email automation

Finance teams and accountants can collaborate using the same data. Automation cuts out many of the manual processes that cause issues, greatly reducing errors and helping prevent fraud. Reminder emails are sent if you forget to approve funds.

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