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Build roster in a flash - Keypay

Payroll process runs efficiently with KeyPay

Customisable templates

Easily create, edit and review timesheets from any device. You can also add notes, breaks, and easily duplicate timesheets across multiple days

Build roster in a flash - Keypay

Save time and costs

With employee self-service you can eliminate paper timesheets, manual time entry in excel and chasing down timesheets

Real time visibility

Managers can access live view reporting of all locations and clocked in staff, plus employees can clock in & out from their phone

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More payroll tools to help your business

Employee Details KeyPay

Employee Self Service Portal

Empower employees to submit leave & expenses, create timesheets using templates & more with KeyPay cloud!

Leave Management KeyPay

Time & Attendance

Eliminate paper timesheets - recording employee start, finish and break times has never been so easy.

Expense Management KeyPay

Pay Conditions Engine

Eliminate manually calculating employees' terms of employment & let KeyPay UK do all the work!

Timesheet KeyPay

Flexible Payroll

Easily set up pay schedules and recurring pay run inclusions, set up your own pay runs & more!

Unavailability KeyPay

Instant Reports

Access our extensive library of reports to obtain data on employees, pay runs, PAYE and more

Expense Management KeyPay

Easy Integrations

KeyPay cloud enables seamless integrations with other time & attendance and accounting platforms like Sage, Xero & QuickBooks

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Brendon Dallas

Co-founder and Director

"KeyPay has definitely changed my perception of payroll. I used to see payroll as an old school thing that nobody paid much attention to, but now I see payroll as a profit centre for our business."

Daniel Markham

Finance Director

"Payroll without KeyPay would be very manual and painful - it’s a massive change of workflow for us. We’re removing paper processes and human error from the situation completely."

Karli Newell

HR and payroll manager

"KeyPay has saved me 5 hours a week on entering timesheets, paperwork and chasing people up."