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KeyPay helps you achieve compliance, efficiency & insights

Simplify your payroll management

Use one single platform in the cloud to track expenses, rosters, timesheets and leave management.

Build roster in a flash - Keypay
Build roster in a flash - Keypay

Save time & costs

With your client’s employee data stored in one platform, data is integrated seamlessly into payroll in real time. Staff simply log into their KeyPay Employee Portal through any device to submit leave for approval and view payslips!

Automate payroll compliance

KeyPay UK offers full GPDR compliance and HMRC RTI automation. Combined with full pension compliance, KeyPay is your number 1 solution for full compliance automation.

Build roster in a flash - Keypay

KeyPay online tools to help your UK business


Expand globally

Available in Australia, NZ, the UK, Singapore and Malaysia, KeyPay’s global offering allows you to streamlines payroll and manage for your clients across multiple countries.

Employee roster

Custom branded platform

As a partner, you can manage customers’ payroll from one branded interface, boosting your brand amongst clients.


Payroll reporting

Add value beyond payroll. Automate the generation and distribution of key reports such as P60s, employee expenses and benefits, pay run, pensions and PAYE.

payroll conditions engine

HMRC compliant

Compliance at core, KeyPay is a leading HMRC-accredited payroll software. Submit and automate payroll data seamlessly, and remove the need to manually upload files via your HMRC portal.

Employee Details KeyPay


KeyPay acts as a single source of data for timesheets, rostering, employee, leave and expense management, and payroll calculations in a single platform.


Automated pay runs

Eliminate payroll admin tasks by automating pay runs from end to end with a one off configuration. Warnings help maintain quality control when actions are required.

payroll conditions engine

Pay Conditions Engine

Configure pay condition rules for staff regarding contracted hours, overtime rates, entitlements and deductions, feeding straight into our timesheet calculator.

Employee roster

Partner support

Get set up easily and have access to ongoing level 2 technical support.

time and attendance

KeyPay partner dashboard

Streamline reporting and monitor feature usage for better insights into your clients.

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We’ve saved so much manpower, time, and staff resources by moving over to KeyPay. A payroll that should have taken 15 minutes which might be a standard payroll could have ended up taking over an hour on previous systems. Now it takes no time.

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Matthew Coates

KeyPay has a dedicated support team in Australia and the UK that have supported us with our roll-out and also with any customer issues that we can’t resolve ourselves.

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Stuart Carroll

KeyPay has definitely changed my perception of payroll. I used to see payroll as an old school thing that nobody paid much attention to, but now I see payroll as a profit centre for our business.

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Brendon Dallas
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Plans to suit your clients’ needs

For accountants, bookkeepers & payroll bureaus. Every business is different. That’s why we offer different plans to suit. Explore the best solution for your clients and deliver a valuable payroll service.

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*P11Ds are available as an add-on per submission per person.
**The CIS feature is available as an add-on per submission per contractor.
*Prices are per active employee per month in GBP excluding VAT. An employee will be considered ‘active’ when at least one of the following actions has been completed for that employee during a calendar month:
- Included in a finalised pay run (even if that pay run is subsequently unlocked)
- Has had an approved leave request
- Has had an approved expense request
- Has had a published roster shift- Has had an approved timesheet
**P11Ds are available as an add on of £7.50 + VAT per submission per person.