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Streamline your entire bureau with KeyPay

UK payroll professionals know the frustrations of archaic desktop software - single user logins, manually processing payroll, losing data, and the slow pace of desktop software. That’s the tip of the iceberg. KeyPay not only removes these hurdles, but offers a comprehensive payroll and workforce management platform that streamlines a bureaux entire operation. Switching payroll software shouldn’t be hard. And it isn’t with KeyPay. Simply import employee details, data and opening balances via a CSV file and you’re all set.  

KeyPay rostering allows you to Identify any inconsistencies prior to approving timesheets by comparing rotas to actual time worked.

Moving from desktop payroll to KeyPay

Switching payroll shouldn’t be overwhelming, so we’ve made it easy. Simply import employee details and data and opening balances with a CSV file.

Real time updates with 100% cloud technology

You’re in control of the payroll. Access anywhere, any time, from any PC, no downloads, no commitment, no annual subscription fees, no lost data. 100% cloud solution, KeyPay updates in real time, from employee right through to the payroll manager.

Real time updates with 100% cloud technology
Automate the entire payroll process

Automate the entire payroll process

KeyPay’s award winning payroll automation lets you set up full client payroll automation. From remembering the payroll to submitting to HMRC, publishing payslips and distributing reports, KeyPay allows you to automate every aspect of payroll, while still retaining full quality and control through pre-configured triggers to pause the automation. A one off configuration saves you hours of manual work, all with full accuracy and quality assurance. Perfect for bureaux with company director payrolls and larger businesses alike.

No more single user restriction headaches

You’re not restricted to one licensed user to process client payrolls. With KeyPay, you can set up 3 types of users: admins, managers and employees. There’s no limit on the number of users, so your team can process different payrolls at the same time, with full visibility of actions performed. No more overriding a colleague’s work or delays.

No more single user restriction headaches
GDPR, HMRC and RTI reporting

Payroll accuracy & compliance at its core

KeyPay is the most flexible payroll software in the UK, catering to different payroll scenarios to ensure complete accuracy, whatever the payroll scenario looks like. Remove human errors and the need to check for updates, we automatically update tax code changes from HMRC, so you don’t have to. We ensure your bureau is fully compliant across pension communications, GDPR, HMRC and RTI reporting for each of your clients.

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More payroll tools to help your UK business

Employee Details KeyPay

Employee Self Service Portal

Empower employees to submit leave & expenses, create timesheets using templates & more with KeyPay cloud!

Leave Management KeyPay

Time & Attendance

Eliminate paper timesheets - recording employee start, finish and break times has never been so easy.

Expense Management KeyPay

Easy Integrations

KeyPay cloud enables seamless integrations with other time & attendance and accounting platforms like Sage, Xero & QuickBooks

Expense Management KeyPay

Pay Conditions Engine

Eliminate manually calculating employees' terms of employment & let KeyPay UK do all the work!

Timesheet KeyPay

Flexible Payroll

Easily set up pay schedules and recurring pay run inclusions, set up your own pay runs & more!

Unavailability KeyPay

Instant Reports

Access our extensive library of reports to obtain data on employees, pay runs, PAYE and more

Timesheet KeyPay


Employees can create / amend timesheets for each shift and submit for manager approval, to then be automatically available for the pay run.

PaySlips KeyPay


Employees can download their payslips at any time once published. Pay summaries and tax deductions can be monitored, and payslips will never be lost again!

Documents KeyPay

Other documents

Host employee contracts or policies for easy viewing and cutting down requests.

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Infra Hub

Stuart Carroll

CEO & Director of Infra Hub

"KeyPay has a dedicated support team in Australia and the UK that have supported us with our roll-out and also with any customer issues that we can’t resolve ourselves."


Brendon Dallas

Co-founder and Director

"KeyPay has definitely changed my perception of payroll. I used to see payroll as an old school thing that nobody paid much attention to, but now I see payroll as a profit centre for our business."

The Focus Collection

Daniel Markham

Finance Director

"Payroll without KeyPay would be very manual and painful - it’s a massive change of workflow for us. We’re removing paper processes and human error from the situation completely."