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Grow your accounting firm with cloud payroll

Hear from 8 accounting and payroll thought leaders in the UK on what contributes towards a successful firm  

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The potential of cloud payroll

Until recently, payroll wasn't a profitable service for firms to offer their clients. There were many reasons for this, such as the high complexity of work and the likelihood of human-error.

By implementing cloud-based tools that automates the compliance side of payroll, accounting practices can open up a previously untapped revenue stream, increase profit margins and free up time to focus on adding real advisory value to clients.

What’s included in the guide?

Understand the changing role of the accountant

What contributes towards a successful firm from 8 accounting and payroll thought leaders in the UK

How to harness the value of payroll as a revenue stream

Identify strategies you can easily adopt to improve revenue through new technology

How to remove the pain points of payroll to effortlessly drive your
business forward

Discover how you can challenge convention, tackle change successfully and streamline your business approach

What to look for in a payroll software

Identify key features and factors to consider when choosing a payroll provider to suit your specific needs and maximise profit

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