The future of payroll has arrived!

KeyPay's industry first payroll automation technology gives payroll managers and bureaux businesses the option to completely automate payroll processing. Payroll can be set to automatically start a pay run, download and apply tax codes, process any standing data, any timesheets, process the payroll, send out payslips and reports, RTI files, payments and uploads to pensions and HMRC.  The payroll manager can set up a number of warning notifcations that will stop the automation, ensuring full quality assurance, but without the painful manual effort.

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Why automate payroll?

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Save time

The reduction in pay run processing time allows you to reallocate that time and focus on other strategic work.

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Retain control

You determine what components of the pay run to automate, thereby keeping overall control.

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Quality assurance

Configured warnings will stop an automated pay run where required prior to the pay run being finalised. This ensures anything that needs to be addressed or fixed is done so without compromising the correctness of employee pays.

Hear what customers have to say

Karli Newell

HR and payroll manager

"KeyPay has saved me 5 hours a week on entering timesheets, paperwork and chasing people up."

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