UK Payroll Report 2019

KeyPay’s 2019 State of Payroll report is based on responses from a range of payroll professionals across the United Kingdom working for SMEs, in bureaux, and for bookkeeping and accounting firms - in collaboration with The Bookkeepers Alliance and IAB.

Payroll can be sexy - especially when there's data involved. This year's report looks at efficiencies of payroll processing across different businesses and roles, assesses how valued payroll is in different industries, and explores areas where processes can be improved - and how.

Some of the key highlights are summarised below, and you can download the full analysis here.

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Key Highlights

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How valued is payroll?

67% of respondents don’t see payroll as essential
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Pricing strategies

75% price their services at a fixed rate; 25% use value pricing
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Who is embracing the cloud?

19% predominantly use cloud payroll software
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Payroll software performance

71% rated their payroll software 8/10 or above
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What are the main problem areas?

Manual tasks, cost, bugs, functionality and compliance are among the key issues

Facts and Figures

Timesheets and Expenses

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A large portion of respondents are spending unnecessary time on payroll tasks, with 25% spending between 11-20 minutes on timesheets and expenses.

The Potential of the Employee Portal

20% of respondents had no clients at all on an employee portal
Despite the rise of digital, and the proliferation of smartphones, there remains a proportion of the payroll industry resistant to online employee portals.

Automatic Enrolment Tasks

54% of accountants spend 11-20 mins per client on auto-enrolment tasks
Software that integrates with pension schemes can ensure manual tasks are eliminated during pension processing.

Connecting the Dots

We’d like to thank all respondents for taking the time to take part in this year’s survey. 

Sometimes people don’t know what they want until they analyse things a bit further. It’s clear from the report that although the majority of respondents seem fairly happy with their current payroll software, there are areas where efficiencies can definitely be improved. To find out more, take a look at the detailed findings.

Download Full Report (PDF)
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